Segall Group

Landlord Representation

Every property has its potential; we serve our clients by identifying the best path to achieving it.

To do this we ask the following:

  • What are the characteristics of the submarket?
  • What are the entitlement issues and limitations?
  • What key retailer or retail service is missing or needed in the market?
  • What are the demand generators that will support the development?
  • Who are the customers, from where, and how far will they come?
  • What and where is the current and future competition that might capture potential customers?
  • How visible and accessible is the site, and what can be done to maximize both?

The answers guide our next steps, which include:

  • Creating appropriate marketing materials, including labeled aerials, traffic count and competition surveys, demographic information and trade area mapping;

  • Detailed elevations showing available signage, dimensioned floorplans and, where appropriate, a merchandising plan of proposed uses;

  • A steady and consistent marketing campaign directed at the logical users. This occurs through personal contact and dissemination to (and cooperation with) the brokerage community.

  • Negotiation of the business terms of a lease through a detailed term sheet, or letter of intent, which includes the details of Landlord and Tenant Work in a format created specifically for the project.

Landlord Services

  • Merchandising Strategy/Tenant Mix Evaluation
  • Marketing Materials for both print and Web
  • E-mail Marketing and Personal Canvassing Campaigns
  • Letter of Intent Negotiation
  • Competitive Review
  • Demographic Studies and Mapping
  • Aerial Photographic Surveys