Segall Group

Advisory Services

We offer an array of services on a retainer or set fee basis, depending on the project. These services may include one or a combination of the following:

Site Selection

Determine and identify site options based on the client’s needs. Our process includes research of issues such as land acquisition costs, zoning, land use, access, visibility, taxes, tap fees and other profers, demographics and other specific issues impacting the site.

Procure Services

Our personnel have access to a network of specialists, including land use attorneys, traffic engineers, architects and designers, and others needed for the successful development of a project. Our team can oversee the entire process and can hire, direct, review and evaluate each consultant’s work.

Site Feasibility & Analysis

We create detailed pro formas outlining costs, timing and return on investment. Our estimates are based on research and experience, and can be critical in determining the feasibility of a project.

Market Analysis

As experts in the Mid-Atlantic region, we can show our clients where their concept “fits” in the market- the existing competition and where its customers live and work. Our demographic software and mapping capabilities help define and prioritize the site search, saving valuable time and showing the path to opportunities.

Governmental Coordination

Where approvals are needed, preparation and advocacy are critical. We meet with the relevant officials in the various jurisdictions, approaching each project with a sensitivity to the issues in the particular submarket and addressing the priorities of the community. This eases and speeds the approval process; we attend pre-hearing conferences, planning and zoning meetings and community meetings. The goal is easing the path of approval that leads to a project that enhances the community.


We look at each project as a unique entity, and assist our owners to properly mix uses according to the demands and needs of the market. In this process, we assess a property or project’s position in the market, the existing competition, access, visibility and other factors.

Advisory Service Summary

  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Procurement
  • Merchandising Strategy/Tenant Mix Evaluation
  • Market Analysis
  • Site Feasibility Studies
  • Definition and Analysis of Trade Area
  • Competitive Review
  • Demographic Studies and Mapping
  • Overall Strategies for New Market Entry or Existing Market Expansion
  • Aerial Photographic Surveys