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Logotype of Zoes Kitchen
Logotype of Zoes Kitchen
Logotype of Zoes Kitchen
Logotype of Zoes Kitchen

Zoes Kitchen

Zoës is a phenomenal new brand that defies easy categorization.

A 150 unit, public company based in Dallas, Texas, Zoës is a fast-casual, Mediterranean-inspired "clean food" restaurant concept.

Segall Group has handled site selection from the company's entry into the Mid-Atlantic market, where the first stores opened in 2009. To date, Segall Group has completed over 20 deals in Maryland and Virginia.

For More Information, contact:

  • Andrew G. Segall
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  • Mobile: 410-960-0361
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Demographic Criteria (within 2 miles)

  • Total Population: between 30,000-75,000
  • Minimum Daytime Population: 20,000
  • Medium Household Income: $70,000
  • 60% College Graduates
  • Average Household Size: 2.2-2.8 people

Site Criteria

  • Square footage: 2,200-2,800 square feet, prefer 2,600
  • End-cap with patio
  • Hood required
  • 7 day per week trade areas
  • 30' minimum store front
  • 20,000 minimum traffic count, non-corner
  • 30,000-35,000 minimum traffic count at a corner

Traffic Generators

Minimum three (3) of the following within one half mile:

  • Office buildings
  • Health clubs
  • Hospitals
  • High-end, high frequency specialty retail
  • High-density, white collar
  • Retail entertainment centers
  • High-density reidential
  • High-end grocery