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Logotype of First Watch
Logotype of First Watch
Logotype of First Watch

First Watch

First Watch is a unique, category-leading concept, serving breakfast, brunch and lunch in a single shift, full-service format.

The stores operate from 7:30am to 2:30pm seven days per week. Segall Group personnel represented the chain from its initial entry into the Washington D.C.-Baltimore market, and has since brokered leases for ten stores in Maryland and Virginia.

For More Information, contact:

  • Joe Fleischmann
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  • Mobile: 443-472-3927
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  • Kyle James
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  • Mobile: 443-324-2558
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Demographic Criteria

  • First Watch Restaurants customer base tends to be sophisticated suburbanites
  • Minimum 90,000 people within a 4 mile radius
  • Average Incomes of $70,000 and higher
  • Each store requires a minimum of 40,000 target customers

Ideal Space

  • Approximately 3,500 square feet with a minimum capacity for 120 interior seats.
  • Outside patio seating is desired where available.
  • Prefers end-cap positions but can utilize in-line space and irregular dimensions.
  • Minimum store frontage is 40 feet. In some instances less frontage may be considered.
  • Preferred co-tenancy is daily needs-oriented and upscale tenants within their categories.


  • First Watch signage must be visible from the primary street. Pylon position, monument position and a tower element to elevate signage is strongly preferred.


  • Minimum parking of 45 spaces during the breakfast and lunch day parts.

Traffic Generators

  • Minimum 25,000 traffic counts. Targeted residential customer base and professional daytime employment densities should be in close proximity.